We supply furniture to a range of customer in both the public and private sector. We understand its difficult moving into a new home and with our support you can furnish your home quickly, simply and with products chosen by you. We hope these products will help you feel at home, and that you won’t have to worry about how and where you will get them from.

You may already have some furniture or you may have nothing. Our options based process means you choose the products you do need, it’s very flexible and designed to adapt to, and help all customers. To view our product range click here.

Once an order has been placed our in-house logistics team take over. They will deliver, install and assemble (where required) all of the products. They will instruct you how to use items such as the washing machine and the cooker. The whole time you have your products we are just a phone call away, we take care of all the maintenance, repairs and replacements at no extra cost to you. * We’ve created a selection of helpful How To Guides on how to look after your products click here to view the videos.

*wilful damage may be charged for.