We deliver a proven, unique furniture rental service to providers of accommodation across the UK

Launched in 1989 to help our customers settle into their homes by providing essential items of furniture. We have grown into the market leader in the provision of affordable furniture and furnished accommodation to social housing customers. We are the furniture service that people trust, they know they can rely on us and so can you. But don’t just take our word for it; we currently support over 10,000 households across the UK and supply products to 38 other housing providers, voluntary organisations and local authorities in the public and private sector. Click here to find out more

For customers

The service is available to you when you take up a tenancy with Your Homes Newcastle (YHN). It’s simple and straightforward, we’ll supply you with products that will help you feel at home. You can choose from a wide range of products including sofas, beds, appliances such as washing machines and microwaves and even crockery and cutlery. We’ll add the weekly payment to your rent so you only make one payment, making life a little easier for you and because it’s part of your tenancy the weekly cost can be covered by Housing Benefit. Click here to view our range of products on offer to you.