§§42% of people moving into new accommodation don’t have furniture or white goods to carry out even the most basic of tasks such as washing clothes or cooking a meal*

At NFS, we work to put the pieces in place to tackle this problem with quality affordable furniture and essential white goods delivered in the right way.

Our flexible furnished tenancy solution helps to settle communities and support providers of social housing to improve their provision – aiding families and futures. Our service helps to reduce debt and stress and build a more comfortable life.

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Explore our impact

We want people to be clear on the impact that our affordable furniture solution can have on people’s lives. When NFS works in partnership with housing providers, local authorities and charities organisations, we can ease the financial pressure on more households, and give a greater number of people and families a stronger sense of home.

Read our report NFS The Value of Furniture Report and explore the impact we can make together, by providing a better route to a furnished home for everyone.

Raising awareness of furniture poverty

The picture of poverty is a complex one, and one where a lack of essential items plays a part. When people lack the furniture to live stably, it can affect other aspects of life that keep people trapped in poverty. We believe that awareness can build action, when we show people what we can do to tackle the issue together.

Change this together

Our solution is already making a difference, but we know that with your involvement we can reach further and help more. Working together we can put the pieces in place to tackle furniture poverty, help people to settle into a more comfortable life, and turn houses into homes.

Our aim is to change the story of those living in furniture poverty in the UK, and we want you to be a part of it. By raising awareness on social media and working with us to build a direct route to affordable furniture and white goods for all, we can work together now to make an immediate difference.

Show your support

Help us highlight the story of furniture poverty by downloading and sharing our report, campaign infographics and our social GIFs:

* The number of new YHN tenants accessing NFS during April’20 to Nov’20.