Who can use our service?

Anyone who takes up a tenancy with Your Homes Newcastle can ask for a furniture package.  The furniture is leased for a weekly charge which is added to your rent account.

We also supply furniture to other housing providers, voluntary organisations and local authorities throughout the North East so check with your landlord if you’re not a YHN tenant as you may be able to access our service.

How does the points system work?

Every item of furniture available on the “Options” scheme has a point’s value so you can choose which items suit you best.

When you have finished choosing your items you add up the points total to see which “Option” band you fit into.

This determines how much your furniture package will cost each week, costs range from approximately £10 per week to £40 per week. 

What information do I need to give you?

Your YHN Housing Services office will give us all of the information we need to help us arrange the delivery of your furniture.

We will keep any information we get confidential. This information will be covered under the Data Protection Act 1984.

Can I return the furniture at any time?

If you want to return the furniture, simply get in touch with your YHN Housing Services office to end the agreement.

They will contact us to arrange for the furniture to be collected. You should remember that if you are behind with your rent payments you might not be able to end the agreement.

What does the furniture look like?

You can view all of our products here

What do I do if any of my furniture becomes faulty or is worn and needs replacing?

We understand things can go wrong or become worn, if you have a problem with any item that we have given you just get in touch.

We will arrange for it to be checked and if necessary repair it or replace it. Meaning you are never without furniture or appliances.

Can I take the furniture with me if I move home?

Yes, of course you can. If you transfer to another tenancy with us you must tell your Tenancy & Estate Officer that you want to take the furniture with you, they will let us know and we’ll change our records.

Can I have furniture items if I have had it at a previous address?

Anyone can rent our furniture as long as all of the furniture provided at a previous address has been returned in good condition.

Is there a charge for the furniture?

The lowest charge is around £10 a week and the highest charge is around £40 a week. Remember, this can be covered by housing benefit.

Can I add items to my furniture pack at a later date?

Yes, if your circumstances change and you need more items just let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help.

What can I do if I am not satisfied with the service you give?

If you have any problems at all we welcome your comments and suggestions. We want to know if you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us.

We will do everything we can to sort out your complaint immediately. If we cannot do this, a senior manager will investigate your complaint and send you a written reply within 15 working days.

Who owns the furniture?

The furniture will remain the property of NFS, you are not allowed to buy or sell the furniture supplied to you.

If you are approached by somebody selling the furniture, please tell us as soon as possible.

How do I contact NFS?

Click here to contact us.