We’ve got lots of experience of working with other housing providers and their customers, we have compiled the most frequent questions we get asked about NFS.

What impact does the service have on customers and clients?

We’ve recently published our NFS The Value of Furniture Report which explores the impact of our flexible furnished tenancy solution and details what impact it has on customers and clients. 

Will the service charge for furniture continued to be covered under Universal Credit?

Yes, under Universal Credit the service change for furniture will still be included. For more information about this click here to read our Universal Credit service charge guidance documents for landlords.

Can we create our own options bands for our customers?  

Yes, there are flexible packages that suit a range of circumstances for both customers and housing providers, you can create your own option bands. The weekly charge varies depending on the furniture option chosen and most providers add a charge to this.

How do I procure your service?

We are experience at supporting housing providers to procure our service and can support you with any information that you need during the decision making process. We are the sole supplier of furniture on the NHC Furniture framework. This national framework offers a fully OJEU compliant route to market for public sector bodies, looking for a comprehensive solution to Furniture Services. For more information click here

Where do you operate?

We provide our service across the whole of the UK. We’ve got the flexibility to take on contracts from one property to thousands.

How does the points system work?

Every product has a points value so that your customer can select which products suits their needs. When the customer has selected their products the points are totalled to see how much their products will cost each week. The weekly cost ranges from approximately £10 to £40 per week. 

How does the customer pay for the furniture? 

The weekly charge for your customers furniture can be paid for by Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. 

When can a customer return their products?

If a customer wants to return any of their products, they simply need to contact us and we will arrange for the products to be collected. We will recalculate the weekly charge based on the number of items remaining.

What do the products look like?

You can view our products here

What happens if a product becomes faulty or is worn and needs replacing?

We understand things can go wrong or become worn, if your customers have a problem with any product that we have supplied they can contact us and we will arrange for it to be checked and if necessary repair it or replace it. This means your customer will never be without their product.

Can a customer take their products with them if they move home?

Yes, if your customer transfer to another tenancy with you they can take their furniture with them. 

Who owns the furniture?

The furniture will remain the property of NFS, customers rent the furniture.

Do many customers steal or damage the items provided?

No, very few customers steal or damage the items. Last year we had over 50,000 items in customers’ homes, but the number of products stolen or wilfully damaged was very small. Our pricing policy means we take on the risk of this happening which means no recharges or cost for you for any stolen or wilfully damaged products.