We work with a range of clients across England and Wales supplying packs to thousands of customers. Each of our clients has their own dedicated account manager and receive management information about the service in a format and timeframe that suits their requirements.

Our clients know that the service makes a real difference to their customers. We regularly received positive feedback from them, below are some positive testimonials from our clients:

Johnnie Johnson Housing

Johnnie Johnson Housing has been using NFS for a number of years. This has been an invaluable service for our more vulnerable and low-income tenants, as it removes a huge financial pressure to find money upfront for furniture needed to make their new property into a functioning home. The cost of the furniture can be covered by Housing Benefit and is included in the weekly rent we charge, so tenants don’t need to make a separate payment. Ordering is easy and there are several packages available that can be tailored to individual needs and budgets. Through working in partnership with NFS we have been able to offer our tenants an affordable alternative to high street stores or high-interest credit arrangements.’

Gateshead Housing Company

We have been using the service provided by NFS since 2010. The service enables customers to set up in their new homes, and we find that the service’s regular payment system helps them to manage and sustain their tenancy.

Richmond Fellowship

NFS helps our tenants feel settled in a new tenancy, often after periods of homelessness or instability. A home that is furnished with good quality products and with a quick delivery, is a building block to them feeling able to address other issues in their life and work towards recovery from mental ill health.

Guinness Partnership

We work with NFS to make our Hardship Fund go so much further, enabling us to help more of our customers sustain their tenancies. Purchasing a cooker or washing machine for someone can really make a difference.

For example: Mr X was rehomed by us earlier this year – he was a recovering alcoholic who had suffered abuse from his family and neighbours in a previous property. He came to us with very little – via the local authority we helped him with a bed and a chair. Then, via a Hardship Fund application we were able to supply a cooker and a fridge, which was provided by NFS. We also got Universal Credit into place, and referred Mr X into Remploy. He now has a part time job, is learning to cook and feels that his life has been transformed by our help, intervention and the provision of the white goods. He has dietary needs, that he wasn’t able to fulfil prior to having the facilities to cook and store food economically. He has been equipping his flat further from charity shops and second hand shops – and is extremely grateful to us for our help.

The bonus is that everyone at NFS is helpful, friendly and professional.’

Our Clients