Our approach

We understand you are under pressure to deliver more and sustain current services for less, combined with the impact of Welfare Reform and Universal Credit it all makes for a very challenging environment.

There are pressures to:

  • Make sure void levels are low and that tenancies are sustainable
  • Ensure any new services have minimal impact on already stretched resources
  • Generate an income to help support front line services
  • Not commit to large amounts of capital outlay or high risk projects.

We can help overcome these pressures by providing you with an end to end furniture rental service with very low risk and no capital outlay which offers complete flexibility for you and your customers and can generate an income.

Our Vision

To be the first choice provider of a flexible furniture rental service across the UK. Supplying customers with a range of products to enable sustainable tenancies, offering a viable alternative to high cost credit.

How do we do this?

We provide a range of high quality products, your customers can select which products they want to suit their needs. Each of our products has a points value, once the customer has chosen their products the number of points is added up to decide how much they will pay per week for them. The weekly cost is added to their rent account and can be covered by housing benefit. Click here to see our product range. There is no capital investment required as NFS purchase the products and lease them to your customers. You will get your own account manager and team to look after your contract and we will help you to promote the service to your customers.

Our seamless service means we liaise with customers from the beginning, from ordering the products through to delivery, connection and instructing customers on how to use them. If a product needs to be repaired or replaced our experience repairs team will visit the customer to resolve the issue at no extra cost.

We will also visit if the customer wants to increase, decrease or cancel their furniture pack.

You will be provided with regular Management Information about how the service is performing at a time and format that is suitable for you.

To find out more about our service contact Andrew Waters on 07816 842 568 or email Andrew.waters@yhn.org.uk