Jason Wylie

Assistant Director – Commercial

Jason has 22 years’ experience in the furniture trade and delivering furniture to vulnerable social housing tenants. Specialising in business development and project management, Jason has an MA in Enterprise Management, an HND in Housing Studies, and is a Full member of Chartered Institute of Managers.

Jason’s role at YHN is managing all commercial activity, he is part of the directorial team, reporting to Jon Ritchie, YHN’s Director of Finance and Commercial. As well as line-managing other members of the Management Team, Jason is responsible for servicing Abri Board and providing information that the Board requires.


Andrew Waters

Commercial Development Manager

Andrew studied for two years at University of Teesside for an HND in Business and Finance before leaving to work with a national furniture retailer for 3 years. He then worked in professional recruitment for 8 years, including running his own successful, independent, recruitment company. Andrew has always been involved in sales, marketing and business development and has been employed firstly as sales and marketing manager and now commercial development manager for Business Services for 8 years.

Andrew has overall responsibility for strategic and commercial business development, generating new leads and key account management for NFS. He is also responsible for key account management for Palatine Beds contract sales. This role involves managing the marketing plans for both businesses, meeting potential customers for all parts of Business Services and attending sales events and managing contracts.


Angeline Rochford-Briggs

Commercial Partnership Manager

Angeline is a post-graduate with a BSc (hons) in Sociology and Social Research and a MA in Housing Policy and Management. She has been working at YHN for two years, as part of almost ten years’ service in social housing, working in community investment, project evaluation, research and tenant scrutiny.

Angeline is responsible for the development of the services offered by NFS, which involves identifying and implementing improvements, strategic account management and integration of new customers. She is also responsible for over-seeing the day to day operation of Own Your Own and Goods to Go.


Jeff Wrightson

NFS Operations Manager

Jeff has 10 years’ experience in the furniture trade and delivering furniture to vulnerable tenants of social housing. Jeff specialises in performance management and service improvements and has an MA in Enterprise Management.

Jeff has overall responsibility for managing NFS operations. He manages two office based teams of Senior Business Support Officers, Business Support Assistants, and Administrative Assistants. These teams receive and process orders from customers as well as deal with enquiries.


Petra Brown

Palatine Beds Operations Manager

Petra has over 30 years’ experience in supported employment. She specialises in performance management and manufacturing and has an MA in Enterprise Management. Petra manages all the partnerships on-site at the Palatine Beds factory and manages a team of over 30 staff made up of sales co-ordinators, a shop sales team, factory supervisors and operatives.



Ellie Patience

Commercial Marketing and Business Manager

Ellie holds a 1st class hons degree and has over 12 years’ experience of marketing in both the private and public sector. She specialises in re-branding, brand management, lead development and multi-channel, integrated campaign activity. As Communications and Marketing Manager, Ellie has been part of the NFS team for 4 years.

Ellie is responsible for strategic and tactical marketing, market understanding, identifying new product and service needs, supporting sales, promotional activity and brand management.


Dave Riding

Service Delivery Manager

Dave holds a European CPC in Transport Management for Road Haulage. He has 20 years’ experience in Logistics and Warehousing. The last 12 years’ experience was gained within furniture and social housing setting. Dave is responsible for the on time delivery of the company’s goods across the UK whilst ensuring lean supply chain efficiencies.

Dave has responsibility for managing five warehouse teams; each headed by a Senior Business Support Officer, and made up of Business Support Officers, Warehouse Delivery Officers and Assistants. These teams ensure that orders are processed, loaded and delivered to customers.